Master of Ceremonies


Incentive & Awards Nights, Charity Gala Dinners, Industry Conferences, etc. all run the risk of being boring and monotonous. When attendees get bored, they turn off and tune out. So how do you break things up and keep things moving? Hart will energize your event as the ultimate host. Weaving your message into a high-impact, fast paced, interactive presentation so when you do bring people on stage, everyone is paying attention.

When you choose Hart to MC your event, you're bringing on a dynamic entertainer who is able to work with last minute changes, additions, and ad-libs to the event schedule and itinerary. He can also work with you to customize parts of the event to fit a certain theme or company message. Hart has been a part of hundreds of functions, so he is an expert on event flow and timing. Unless you happen to work with a professional entertainer, looking "in house" to fill the MC spot can prove disastrous. Contact us today for a complimentary consultation and let Hart help you create an event that will leave them talking!